USPTO Trademark or Patent Assignments

Most of our clients are small businesses trying to protect their trademarks or patents. We have special rates for existing clients who need assignments recorded. Please email for a quote.

 Not Just Patents can reformat your legal supporting documentation into the type acceptable by the USPTO. If you do not yet have legal supporting documentation, we may be able to assist you in choosing or drafting a document for assignment.

Standard natures of conveyance that can be recorded with the USPTO:

  1.  Assignment of the entire interest and the goodwill
  2.  Assignment of an undivided part of assignor's interest
  3.  Nunc Pro Tunc Assignment
  4.  Merger
  5.  Merger and Change of Name
  6.  Change of Name
  7.  Entity Conversion
  8.  Court Order
  9.  Corrective Assignment
  10.  Security Interest
  11.  Release of Security Interest
  12.  Mortgage
  13.  Lien
  14.  License
  15.  Option
  16.  Decree of Distribution
  17.  Letters Testamentary
  18.  Letters of Administration
  19.  Court Appointment of Trustee
  20.  Conditional Assignment

Assignments for the USPTO at done through ETAS (Electronic Trademark Assignment System) at

Not Just Patents does not give opinions regarding the validity of the legal supporting documents or conveyances done by others but rather acts as an agent to record assignments in cases like this.

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